Support the Gas Gun Association!

We’re raising funds to do amazing things in the airsoft industry, mainly raise awareness of the safety and proper handling of ultra realistic gun replicas. Through patches, T-Shirts, events and meet ups and even teaching classes on gun maintenance, we’re headed to make a positive change in the airsoft world! But all these things cost money, and as an association ran by it’s members, through donations we can accomplish our bigger goals!

  • Supporters to receive patches, T-shirts and other sweet items
  • Support the sport and cause of airsoft and realistic gas guns
  • Help raise money for events, meetups and giveaways
  • Make a positive change in the airsoft industry

Major Projects Funded By Members!

Here are some things we’ve been working on or hope to get funding for.

GHK G5 Giveaway

We gave away a brand new GHK G5 GBB Rifle thanks to Airsplat.

WE 3.8 Giveaway

The WE 3.8 was donated to us by AirsoftStation.

Official Patches

Official patches have been funded!

GGA Official Website

Our official website was created and paid for.


We have some sweet designs, now we just need the funding.

Official Meet Up and Party

This is going to be the biggest gas gun convention ever, but it’s going to cost a lot of money, we’re working out the specifics still but hope to host it sometimes in 2015.

Facebook Group Members

Amazing people who have joined our facebook group and discussions.

Giveaway Entries

Total entries for all our sponsored giveaways, you guys rock!

Official Sponsors

Amazing people & companies who helped make everything possible!

Completed Projects

Teaching classes, debates, ect, we’re working on getting things done in the airsoft industry.


1. To donate send the donation amount, via paypal to –

*this email is for paypal payments only, if you wish to contact the GGA use the contact form on the contact page.

2. Please include your name and shipping address if you want to receive your patch. (donation amount above $10, international minimum $15)

3. Please specify the patch you wish to receive, “Original” or “Anime.” If you wish to receive both, $20, international $25. Additional $10 to receive WhatAreYouBuyen Official Patch!

*For donations that do not include their shipping address or contact information, it is assumed that you agree to waive your patch or donation perks. By donating, you agree to the rules of the Donation Terms of Service.

If you plan to donate an amount higher than $300, please contact the Gas Gun Association to donate as a sponsor!