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Use the FAQ to see any common issues or problems you might have, you can also post on the GGA facebook group if you have any questions not listed in the FAQ.


01. How do I donate to the Gas Gun Association?Answer was helpful

You can donate to the gas gun association by sending a paypal payment to “gasgunassociation@gmail.com” and if you’re interested in how you can receive patches, T-shirts, ect, by donating, visit the donate page by clicking “donate” at the navigation bar.

02. I’m out of the country, can I still get a patch?Answer was helpful

Yes! Please contact us via the contact page so we can discuss shipping rates which vary by country, weight and patch amount!

03. If funding for the donation goals is not reached, does everyone get a refund?Answer was helpful

There’s a reason it’s called a donation! We do not have a set time period to achieve donations, it could be 1 week from now, it could be 1 year from now. However, If for some reason we do not hit our donation goals within a reasonable time, the members of the board of the Gas Gun Association will all contribute their own money until we hit the donation threshold.

04. How do I officially join the Gas Gun Association?Answer was helpful

Membership is free! All you have to do is request membership to join the Gas Gun Association facebook group. Membership is on an approval basis to prevent spammers, rule breakers and unwanted advertisers. If you want to advertise your company on the Gas Gun Association you must request approval via the contact form.

Do you need help?

Do you need help?

Check out the FAQ for common questions and problems. 

Looking for a job?

We're currently not hiring at the moment, as the Gas Gun Association is ran by volunteers and our supporters. We will be paying in the future when we host events or conventions. We'll keep you guys posted! 

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Do you need help?

Read the FAQ first! If you're having any kind of trouble or issues with the website or donation process you can post it on the Gas Gun Association facebook group, if the members are unable to help you, then you can use our contact form! 

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