GasGunAssociation Event & Meet Up

GasGunAssociation Event & Meet Up

Sponsor The GGA, Get a Slot at our Event

As you know, we are really looking forward to hosting our first event in California. This includes Gas Gun only airsoft matches + we will have a segment where manufacturers, and other airsoft companies can come out and show off their latest projects! There will also be booths and fun times to be had!

If you are a team, you have a youtube channel, or do custom gun mods, etc. We would love to have you come out to our event and set up a booth. Please keep in mind, these funds go towards making the event even better, the more we get, the bigger, better venue and event materials we can create!

GGA Sponsor Event

$300 Minimum For Team Sponsor

Teams who donate a minimum of $300 to the GasGunAssociation PayPal fund, will officially become a sponsor for our event!

What Do Sponsors Get?

  • Team Logo on the official Event Website Page (Advertise that, be advertised, use it on your team portfolio to get sponsored by other companies)
  • Team Logo on the Official Event Marketing Materials, this includes possible: Posters, Business Cards, Event Banners, Advertisements, etc…
  • Get a Booth At the Event! (Booth Space is limited, please get in touch with us before making a contribution if you’re interested in booth space!)
  • The Team who donates the largest donation to the GGA will have a time-slot to present themselves at our panel.

What is the Event?

We are looking to host an event at an airsoft field in Southern California, the exact venue has not been settled yet, but we do have a few already in mind, we are aware of the pricing and rental costs to rent out the entire field for a day. This includes, Forge, Tac City, SC, and HSP as possible venue locations, as well as convention centers if airsoft gameplay is not desired vs. Manufacture participation increases.

The Event Will Be Live!

The event will be broadcast Live on YouTube or Ustream, via our media partners, which include USAirsoft and WhatAreYouBuyen media properties.

The Panel Will Be Recorded

We will have the panel recorded and edited, so everyone, including those not local to Socal, can experience the manufacturer presentations and announcements that happen during this event!

What’s The Point of a Booth?

Teams can set up, advertise, and promote their brand! Teams will be allowed to Buy/Sell at the event. (Anyone can buy/sell, but only sponsors will be allowed booth space!)

This is a great opportunity to hand out team business cards, promote your brand/youtube channel, and interact with the fan base.

The GasGunAssociation is a great community and we hope everyone will be able to enjoy this event. We hope to be able to host more events in the future!

Event Budget

Hosting an event is no joking matter! The expenses add on quickly. (If we want to host a proper event!)

GGA Event Budget

This is an estimated event budget. Here we have divided the necessary event expenses from optional expenses. I’m sure all of us would like to eat…

There’s no way around this, it’s unlikely that Pizza Hut will sponsor this event, so we can’t count on free food, we will of course, reach out to as many companies as possible in the hopes of obtaining new sponsors, we seem to have fared well with certain companies and contacts!

However, please keep in mind, until we secure the venue, at a minimum, the Event will not take action until that time!