GGA Member Converts Nerf Gun Into GBB Airsoft Rifle

GGA Member Converts Nerf Gun Into GBB Airsoft Rifle

GasGunAssociation member, Ryan M., converted a Nerf “Alpha Trooper CS” into a gas blowback airsoft rifle! He used a KJW Kc02 10/22 rifle for the internals and basically utilized the Nerf gun as an outer shell.


There needed to be some modifications made in order to allow the GBB mechanism to function properly, but the alignment of the trigger and magwell seem perfect!

nerf airsoft gun modification

Here is a peek of the inside, as you can see, the trigger and mag will line up perfectly when the gun is reassembled!


Here is a closeup on how the mag fits within the original Nerf mag. There is a hole at the bottom for filling the gas reservoir.

If you notice there is a pokemon card on the side, probably used as a spacer to better align the gun inside. Let’s hope it was an energy card…


The man himself shooting the gun in a video posted to the official GasGunAssociation group.!

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