Gold WE M9 Giveaway

Gold WE M9 Giveaway

Giveaway Message

Alright it’s time for our end of the year giveaway, this time it’s a Gold WE M9. We know you guys are going to love this prize, even if the guys from WhatAreYouBuyen might have had their opinions, we still think that a free gun is better than no gun at all! The GasGunAssociation has grown so much and you guys have been an amazing community revolving around gas airsoft guns, we really appreciate all your help in bringing this group to life!

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How To Enter

Please use the entry form below to enter this giveaway:
Gold WE M9 Givewaway

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  1. By participating in this giveaway, user agrees to all the terms and conditions listed on this page
  2. The grand prize for this giveaway includes up to: two Cherry Portable Power Cards.  The prize will be delivered to the winner via us mail. Management of the prize, deliver, confirmation, and selection of the winner shall be performed by Monta Alta
  3. This contest is open only to residents in the United States
  4. Entry period will officially end December 12th 2015
  5. The primary promoters of this giveaway include: OneUpPhone, TinyWars Game, Gas Gun Association, K Tech Airsoft, WhatAreYouBuyen, Walli Wearables,
  6. Under no circumstance will anyone employed by or working under with the aforementioned sponsors or promoters be eligible for the random drawing
  7. Under no circumstance will members, who have been previously banned form the Gas Gun Association Facebook Group, be eligible for this giveaway
  8. There is no purchase necessary to enter this giveaway
  9. Winner agrees to disclose his or her real name, address and contact information to the host of this giveaway or to the WhatAreYouBuyen facebook page, via Personal Message, for the purposes of receiving grand prize. WhatAreYouBuyen, GasGunAssociation and affiliates of this giveaway will not be held responsible if the winner’s contact information is incorrect or erroneous.
  10. Under no circumstance will the sponsors of this giveaway, OneUpPhone, TinyWars GAme, Monta Alta, GasGunAssociation, K Tech Airsoft, WhatAreYouBuyen, members, affiliates, or any other organization be responsible for any loss of property, special or incidental damages, injury or death, arising from or relating to this giveaway or the prize
  11. Winner will be selected randomly, via contest management system
  12. Winner will be announced after the random selection via, if winner does not claim prize within 14 days of announcement, a new winner may be manually selected
  13. It is the responsibility of the entrant to check social media posts and announcements regarding this giveaway, updates, and winner(s)
  14. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us via the WhatAreYouBuyen facebook page or GasGunAssociation website contact form in order to claim prize
  15. Neither Monta Alta, nor any other affiliate of this giveaway will be responsible if grand prize is lost in transit, damaged or destroyed as a result of shipping, email error, carrier or conditions out of their reasonable control
  16. Must be 18 years of age to enter
  17. We claim no warranty on the giveaway prize, its condition or whether its original packaging will be included or not.
  18. Facebook is not a sponsor, nor affiliated with this giveaway
  19. Odds of winning based on number of entries
  20. The use of the facebook application, “gleam,” is for verification purposes, in order to ensure fair and optimal entries.
  21. Winner agrees to allow the host of the giveaway to announce his or her full real name on the web, public, or any other medium, so that the winner may claim his or her prize
  22. Winner chosen by the “gleam” application may be invalidated if winner was not a member of the Gas Gun Associtation facebook group at the time of being selected. In this event, a new winner may be manually selected
  23. These rules may be subject to change without notice