Now Accepting Donations!

Now Accepting Donations!

Donation Stretch Goals

Item Goal
Patches $300 Gas Gun Association patches shipped to everyone who donated $5 or more.
T Shirts $1000 Official Gas Gun Association T-Shirts for everyone who donated $25 or more.
Ultimate Giveaway $5000 We will host a massive giveaway, multiple prizes, to be voted on by everyone who contributed.
Official Event $10,000 Ultimate event, with giveaways, speakers and food paid for by your donations!

GHK G5 Summer 2014 Giveaway - Fully Funded

Major Funders: Airsplat, K Tech Airsoft and WhatAreYouBuyen.

WE 3.8 Winter 2014 Giveaway - Fully Funded

Major Funders: AirsoftStation, K Tech Airsoft and WhatAreYouBuyen.

Gas Gun Association Patches - Funding in Progress

Help us fund our patches! Major funders will be publicly credited!

Minimum Donation Amount for Patches

The minimum donation amount to receive a patch is $5. This is a symbol that you are a supporter of the Gas Gun Association, wear it with pride knowing only those who have supported the Gas Gun Association will receive a patch! For every $5 you donate, you will receive another patch. Individuals who plan to donate more than $300 should contact us for a “sponsorship” package.

How to Donate for  Patches

1. To donate send the donation amount, via paypal to –

*this email is for paypal payments only, if you wish to contact the GGA use the contact form on the contact page.

2. Please include your name and shipping address if you want to receive your patch. (donation amount above $5)

*Donations who do not include their shipping address or contact information, it is assumed will waive their patch or donation perks.

If you plan to donate an amount higher than $300, please contact the Gas Gun Association to donate as a sponsor!

example below –


special instructions donation

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