Put A K Tech On It Silencer Contest!

Put A K Tech On It Silencer Contest!

In honor of the new K Tech silencers, we have a pre-release silencer that we could have done a random giveaway on. INSTEAD however, we want to do a contest!

Now is your chance to get a free K Tech Silencer! (Pre-Release model)

We will be choosing one entrant, based on the submission, total likes, etc…

K tech on it meme

Shout out to TeamGears for this awesome photo!

To enter, post a picture to the GasGunAssociation with this overlay text, you can use any photo editor, or even Meme generator if you want. The idea here is to show K Tech some support as they unveil their new silencers to the world!

Also tag your photos with #PutAKTechOnIt 

This will make it easier for us to search entries throughout the group by simply searching this hashtag. You can also post your picture to instagram as well, just tag @KTechAirsoft in the image and we’ll consider both entry types!

Put a K Tech On it Meme

This is a PNG with transparency for those who are photo editing savvy.

Description of the K Tech Silencers or Mock Suppressors, they will be modular, customizable silencers. Choose your color, length, and use it on both pistols and rifles! There is nothing inside these, so you can use it to conceal an extended inner barrel or fill it with foam.

Silencers 1

Rules: You can post one entry per day. Yes you can post multiple entries, but only ONE per day.

Custom builds must be YOUR OWN. If we find out that you stole it or are misrepresenting then you will be disqualified!

Contest will end in 1 week, official end day is May 19th, 2016! Winner will be selected shortly after and announced on the GasGunAssociation facebook group! 

Contest is only open to US residents only! There will only be one winner for this contest, winner will be selected manually by the admins of the GGA.

*Contest only open to current GGA members, if you are not a member, you can request to join! If you have been previously banned from the GGA then you may not be eligible to enter.

*There is no purchase necessary to enter…. Facebook is not affiliated with this contest…. blah blah blah…