#PutAKTechOnIt Contest WINNER Announced!

#PutAKTechOnIt Contest WINNER Announced!

The winner of the #PutAKTechOnIt contest has been chosen. This was a tough decision that me and a few of the GGA mods had to decide, but we finally chose a winner! Here is a list of the honorable mentions and of course the winner!

Best Photography!


Shout out to GGA member David Edwards for this awesome shot! Too bad this entry only received 5 Likes! Nice photography though!

Awesome Photoshop


How many K Techs are in this picture? GGA member Rowan Bradbury. Only 4 likes…

Sick Nerf Build


GGA Member Dom Gilchrist sent us a picture of this beauty!

Shout Out To Sad K Tech Silencer Attempt


We almost wanted this guy to win just because we felt so bad for him! Thanks GGA member Sean Fitzpatrick but 5 likes isn’t gonna cut it!

This Guy Already Has A K Tech!


You think you can enter a contest to win a K Tech when you already have one?!? Stop vaping.

Almost Winner… Almost…


It’s actually really sad when the post with 10 likes is the “almost winner,” but shout out to GGA member Brendan Therrien for almost winning! There would have been riots if the winner of this contest was an AEG though… Just saying….

Nerf Gun Winner (Yes it’s GBB)


Yes with only 9 Likes, we have chosen GGA member Ryan Mckinney as the winner for this contest! (However this build was posted multiple times to the GGA so total likes is actually 14)

again it’s kind of sad that 14 likes was all it took to win the contest, then again, so many people were entering and of course, NOT liking other people’s builds. Why would you? You don’t want them to win!!

Anyways, we have gotten in contact with the winner and hope to see this epic Nerf build with a K Tech on it very soon!

Thank you all for entering the first GGA photo contest, and really appreciate all the entries and participation from the group. you guys rock!