A-Spec 1

The “A-Spec 1” is a fictional airsoft gun designed by the members of the Gas Gun Association. This non-existing, fictional gun embodies all the ideals of the perfect gas gun. The GGA A-Spec 1 embodies the essence of the perfect gas gun, and this gun is used as the standard for evaluating all other (actually existing) gas guns.

The A-Spec 1 is neither a rifle nor a pistol, it’s merely pure essence, the form of a perfect gas gun, because of this, the exact terms used to describe the A-Spec 1 are very vague and generalized.

When you see a GGA Index Rating on a gun, what you are seeing is a group discussion and decision to rate that particular gun as it stands, compared to the fictional “A-Spec 1.” Keep in mind that this decision is made by many different members of the group.


A-Spec 1

GGA Index 8.0


This is the ideal gas gun. No player should every be disappointed when using this gun, it’s perfect! This is the best gas gun!
1. Consistent
2. Gas Efficient
3. Under $500
4. Out-Of-The-Box Perfection
5. Externals Quality
6. Internals Quality
7. Cold Weather Performance
8. Long Lasting

Understanding the Rating

The final rating is based on the lowest score. In this case, everything maxes out at 8. We chose 8, because 8 is easy to conceptualize as opposed to the standard 10. When thinking of the bar, members of the group find it easier to divide the bar mentally into 8 pieces. This makes it easier for a proper rating to be determined.

Each component in the rating system is essential to having a perfect gas gun. If just one of these features is lacking in any way, then the entire rating is degraded. This is the only fair way to rate a gas gun properly. Appearances, and any other non-performance enhancing features of the gun should not be considered when rating a gas gun. There is a reason players choose gas guns over electric or any other type of airsoft gun, and performance and realism are the top reasons.

Please understand that the GGA Index is merely a group opinion, discussed about by the Gas Gun Association members, enthusiasts, and gas gun experts.

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