Retail Sponsors


AirSplat is one of California’s largest retailers. They have provided several guns for our giveaways and other operations.

  • Promotion for AirSplat summer boneyard sale
  • GHK G5 Giveaway
  • WE G19 Giveaway
  • WE SMG8 Giveaway
  • Airsplat events and booths, meetups, promotion and video content
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Airsoft Station

AirsoftStation is a retailer out of Minnesota. They are one of the largest online retailers in the country and are working hard everyday to grow strong!

  • WE Baby Hi-Capa 3.8
  • Sponsored videos and posts
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GBB Central

GBBCentral is an exclusive GBB only shop located in Houston, Texas. They provide the most realistic, best gas airsoft guns and providing equally as great customer service.

  • Colt Co2 1911 Giveaway
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Brand Sponsors

K Tech Airsoft

K Tech Airsoft is a manufacturer of airsoft accessories. Their amplifier lineup has seen great success and is popular among many gas gun owners for the enhanced sound it gives to their guns!


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Media Sponsors


USAirsoft is a popular airsoft youtube channel out of Texas.

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Cybur Airsoft


  • The Division Video Game Giveaway



WhatAreYouBuyen is a popular airsoft youtube channel out of California.

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